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AOR - MCP 450g

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For optimal detoxification

  • Contains a soluble source of modified citrus pectin
  • Supports removal of toxins and heavy metals
  • Derived from oranges and free from colouring and masking agents

Modified citrus pectin (MCP) is derived from citrus peels. Regular pectin is a good source of fibre but is not able to be absorbed by the intestines. MCP is broken down into smaller fragments to be more easily absorbed in the digestive tract. There are multiple studies that show MCP to be helpful in the detoxification of heavy metals. It does this by binding to toxic metals in the blood stream and increasing the urinary excretion of lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals without disrupting the essential mineral levels.  AOR’s MCP is refined to match the specific size and weight of the pectin used in these studies. AOR presents MCP in its pure form, without any added flavour or colour. This means that the physical properties of the product like colour, taste and solubility are subject to change with environmental factors such as time of harvest, region of origin, soil conditions, etc.

AOR Advantage

AOR’s MCP comes from oranges sourced from Florida and does not contain any masking agents such as colours or flavours for optimal purity and efficacy.

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