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Bakugan - Deka Asst

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Bakugan Deka are the giant collectible versions of your new favorite Bakugan characters. Like the fun-sized Bakugan, the Bakugan Deka is a 2-part Bakugan ball that can be customized Combine your Bakugan with the multi-part ball binding system. Simply attach the top of the character over the bottom and roll into the Bakugan Battle Arena or Bakugan Training Sets (sold separately). The more you collect, the more you can customize. Collect all your favorite characters from the Netflix series and customize them strategically for each battle to win and become the best Bakugan fighter. Use the code inside for new ways to play the online game, Roblox. Take your battles to another level with the new special Bakugan figures! (sold separately). Check out the powerful Bakugan as these surprise toys take on new shapes and transformations as they spin into battle like never before! A great gift for kids, holiday or birthday, for girls or boys. It can be a great Bakugan starter set, the first step in the collection of Bakugan action figures with toys and playsets!