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Identity Games - Escape Room: The Game Expansion Pack (Another Dimension)

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Strange things have happened in Stockholm since the opening of a suburban research center. There have been reports of supernatural phenomena and mysterious disappearances. You will not let your mood be ruined by that - it is Saturday evening and you are looking forward to a pleasant evening out with your friends.

You meet in the local pub, close to the research center. If you have already had a few beers, your friend Peter who works in the center is still not there. Moreover, he does not respond to any messages or phone calls. Nothing for him! He had just been there yesterday. But then he was remarkably quiet and knocked back one beer after another.

When you asked him what was so important, he replied with an uneasy smile, “Oh, nothing special. Tomorrow I'm just going on an expedition, into another dimension, to fight some monsters, huh? ” You thought it was a strange story at the time, but now you start to have some doubts.

You decide to take matters into your own hands and break into the research facility. At the end of a dark corridor, you will find the office of the director, Professor Dave Felsman, and enter. There you will find a mountain of documents and a strange door with a window, through which green light shines. It looks like there is some kind of portal behind the door. Would that be the doorway to the other dimension that Peter was talking about?

You try to open the door, but unfortunately: locked. Disappointed, you search the room and come across a note that says, "Agent C is in the other dimension. The Portal closes at 10:12 PM. "

Agent C? Wasn't that name on Peter's employee card that he forgot to take off yesterday? Shit. You look at your watch and see that you only have an hour to take Peter out of the other dimension before the portal closes.