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Miele - CM6160 Counter Top Coffee Machine

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Miele CM6150 Super Automatic Countertop Coffee/Espresso Machine

The Miele CM6150 is a bean to cup, super-automatic Coffee and Espresso machine. That means the machine grinds coffee beans specifically for every single drink. It gets a 1.8-litre water tank, and it can take up to 300 grams of beans. This model can make up to 10 drinks at a time. You can make various espresso-based and espresso/milk-based drinks such as espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Coffee, Americano or even milk or milk froth. This model is the middle of the line model into the Miele free-standing Countertop espresso Machines. As far as drink selection, drink parameters, quality of the drink, build quality and warranty are concerned, the CM6150 is identical to the top of the line CM6350, except it doesn't get the hot water spout and the active cup warmer. One of the best features of the Miele super-automatic espresso machines is how easy they are to maintain. The CM6150 will rinse itself every time you turn it on, and the milk pipe system cleans itself with a touch of a button. Miele espresso machines are made in Switzerland. They are beautifully designed and are super easy to work with. This model is available only in Graphite Grey and Obsidian Black.

Your Drink, Your Way

  • 5 Grinder Setting: The finer the grind, the stronger the drink. When the beans are ground correctly, the coffee or espresso will flow evenly into the cup with a good crema. The crema should have an even nutbrown colour. The grinder setting you select will be used for all coffee drinks.

You can set the amount of coffee, Portion size, the brewing temperature, and pre-brewing for each drink individually.

  • Amount of Coffee: The coffee machine can grind and brew 6–14 g of coffee beans per cup. The greater the quantity, the stronger the coffee.
  • Pre-brewing ground coffee: When the pre-brewing function is turned on, the freshly ground coffee is first moistened with a little hot water. This helps release the flavour of the coffee. You can set pre-brewing for a normal length of time or an extra-long length of time. Alternatively, you can turn off the “Pre-brewing” function. The machine is supplied with the “Prebrewing” function turned off.
  • Portion size: The coffee's flavour depends not only on the type of coffee but also on the amount of water used. You can program the amount of water for all coffee drinks and hot water to suit your cup's size and the type of coffee you are using. This does not alter the amount of coffee used.
  • Brew Temperature: You can set your ideal brew temperature. Choose from Minimum, Low, Medium, Hot and Maxiumum Brew temperature setting.

What's In The Box?

| Miele CM6150 (Obsidian Black) | 2X Descaling Tablets | 6X Cleaning Tablets | Milk Pipe Tube | Instruction Booklet

Color: Obsidian Black