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Buy The Miele Compact C2 Hardfloor Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a compact, lightweight vacuum that is suitable for hard-floors and low pile rugs. The Compact C2 Hardfloor gets a Combination floor attachment (SBD365-3) ideal for low pile rugs such as Persian rugs and bare floors such as Harwood, laminate, ceramic and tile. 

  • Suitability: Hard-floors and flat area rugs.
  • Pet Hair: Low, as long as all the pet hair is on bare floors and not on rugs & carpets.
  • Dirt Collection: Bagged. 3.5-litre capacity.
  • Operating Radius: 33-foot from the wall to the floor (21 feet long cord)
  • Suction Power: Same quiet, powerful 1200w Motor as all other Miele vacuums.
  • Weight: At 10.5 lbs, this is the Miele’s second lightest model.
  • Dedicated Carpet Attachment: No!
  • Maintenance: It is a breeze. Bags are easy to replace when full. Filters must be changed once a year and are always included when you purchase bags.
  • Warranty: Free 5-year warranty on parts and labour, and 7-year on the motor.

Here is what you get when buying from us:

  • Free Shipping 
  • Videos on how to set up, operate and maintain your new, precious vacuum
  • Extended Warranties on Certain Models available.
  • You are buying from a Miele Authorized Service & Warranty Center.

What's In The Box?

| Miele Compact C2 Hardfloor (Obsidian Black) | Hose and Handle | Telescopic Wand | SBD365-3 Combination Floor Attachment | 1X FJM Dust Bag Already Installed | 1X Pre-Motor Filter Already Installed | 1X Exhaust Filter Already Installed | 1X Standard Dusting Brush | 1X Standard Crevice Tool | 1X Standard Upholstery Tool