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Outset Media - Noggin Workshop 3 pack

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  • WORD MIXERS: Do you know an anagram when you see it? Put your knowledge to the test with the Word Mixers brain game.
  • IQ SQUARES: This card game will require all your powers of reasoning, to figure out the hidden meaning in each square, you'll need to think outside the box.
  • CONUNDRUMS: Brain Bending Conundrums is a challenging mind teaser card game for even the fittest of brains.
  • BENEFITS: These card brain games promote logic, lateral thinking, visualization and other mental exercises that your brain may not use on a regular basis.
  • INCLUDES: Brain Bending Conundrums card game (for ages 12 and up), Word Mixers card brain game (for ages 16 and up), IQ Squares card game (for ages 12 and up)