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Blue Orange - Mech a Dream

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  • STRATEGY TABLETOP BOARD GAME: Mech A Dream is a  time-based management game, it takes place in a factory creating dreams for robots, for science fiction enthusiasts. This original board game has an amazing table presence with 3-dimensional illustrations and high-quality cardboard pieces.
  • FAMILY OR ADULT STRATEGY GAME:  This 2 to 4 player Dream and Robot inspired game in the Industry or Manufacturing category can be enjoyed by parents playing with their tweens and teens as well as adults, also plays very well as a 2 players abstract board game. It makes the perfect gift for strategy board games lovers. Best recommended for ages 10 & Up.
  • FUTURISTIC THEME: The year is 2143, humans and robots are living together in harmony. Since robots are unable to dream, humans have started making dream machines to solve this problem and help them out. Thanks to your own workshop, take part in the amazing Mech A Dream project over the course of the week you have been allotted.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Mech A Dream uses Resource Queue and  Worker Placement mechanisms. Each day in the factory is divided into 3 shifts. Depending on the time of the day, your workers will be more or less efficient. Use your workers to collect steam and electricity, use these resources to build machines, and use your machines to build dreams!
  • AWARD WINNING COLLECTION: Mech A Dream is easy to play for families enjoying other Blue Orange Award Winning games like Kingdomino, Photosynthesis, Planet, Gobblet