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Flexiq Games - Orbito - English Version

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GO WITH THE FLOW AND GET 4-IN-A-ROW -- Orbito is a fun, fast, and ‘flowing’ 2-player strategy game with very simple rules. Easy to learn, but hard to master. This game boosts your forward-thinking and strategic switching
FAST THINKING AND OBSERVATION GAME -- In turn, add a marble to the board and try to get 4 marbles of your colour in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row
DON’T ALWAYS GO WITH THE FLOW -- All marble positions on the shifting board change on each turn. Consequently, event with predefined ‘orbits’, Orbito will challenge the adaptability and ‘forward thinking’ skills of even the most experienced players
MOVE YOUR OPPONENT’S MARBLES TOO --To start your turn, you can even choose to move one of your opponent’s marbles before adding your own marble. This unusual game element allows you to totally disrupt your opponent’s strategy. Beware, it works both ways
FORWARD THINKING AND STRATEGIC SWITCHING -- And 6 other FlexiQ skills: focus and refocus, making connections, changing perspective, considering multiple options, working memory, problem solving