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Hasbro - Clue - Escape Sabotage on the Seas Board Game - English

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You’ve accepted an invitation to an all-expenses-paid vacation aboard the Lady Marigold II luxury yacht, a sought-after casino owned by Captain Melville. One night, a storm rolls in and the captain is spotted face down in the sea! As the boat takes on water, you and your fellow players are put to the test: Work together to escape the yacht and determine who pushed the captain overboard, where it happened, and why. This Clue Sabotage on the High Seas Escape & Solve Mystery board game offers classic Clue characters and intrigue in a riveting escape room game. Players move their pawns around the gameboard that's built room-by-room, as they explore the yacht, draw cards, solve puzzles, unlock new rooms on the ship, and uncover clues. After es-caping the yacht, players review the clues and use deduction to make a correct accusation and win! This cin-ematic, single-play escape room experience is for 1-6 players, ages 10+, and it makes a great gift for fans of the original Clue game and murder mystery games.

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Includes 6 plastic pawns, 7 gameboards, 1 secret envelope, 1 unknown object, 131 cards, and game guide.

Ages 10 and up
For 1-6 players