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Platinum Naturals - Super Easymulti 45+ for Women - 60

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Platinum’s Super Easy Multi Plus for women provides top of line defense against today's toxic world. From processed foods, to car fumes and contaminated soils, we are surrounded by pollutants and toxins which are absorbed and digested into our bodies, ultimately causing diseases, illnesses, and accelerating aging. Super Easy Multi from Platinum provides you with a comprehensive blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidants, Nutraceuticals, Omega oils, and more in forms that are easily digested and utilized by the body. Including some of the top anti-aging nutrients such as CoQ10, Grape seed Extract, Phytosterols, plus Methyl Cobalamin (active form of vitamin B12), Milk thistle, Evening Primrose, and more. This is an ideal supplement for overall good health and prevention of age related diseases.


Platinum Naturals is continually researching the latest scientific and clinical evidence to bring you formulas for optimal health. In light of new research, we have made an update to Super Easymulti® 45+ for Men and Women formulas.



  • Easily absorbed & assimilated soft gel capsule
  • In a natural oil base 
  • With Vitamins, Nutraceuticals, Omega oils and more 
  • Specially formulated for women 45 and over
  • Provides strong antioxidant protection & anti-aging support